Social Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity for Local Development

– Social entrepreneurship has been recognized as a possibility for local revitalization
– Rural communities are suffering from depopulation, high unemployment rates, increasing number of people suffering social isolation
– Institutional support needed for initialization of social entrepreneurship
– Neighboring countries within west region have implemented laws in regards to social entrepreneurship; Croatia still needs to develop similar laws and support system needed for quality entrepreneurial development
– Lacking institutional support, private sector have independently developed SEFOR association. Additionally, four regional centers have been formed together with CEDRA social innovation clusters
– In Zagreb, the first hub was formed modeled by British hub concepts
– By social entrepreneurship is possible to activate unused capital of community and its citizens, developing social potential through community potential of creativity
– By volunteering, revitalization of closed factories, abandoned industrial zones, unused land, foster, revitalization of rural communities it is possible to increase the quality of living, to lower unemployment and accomplish growth benefits