People from different sectors will take part in the conference and discuss how we can use creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation to tackle future challenges in society.

The conference objectives are:

  1. discuss global challenges and effective governance models for development of European and Croatian creative industries
  2. enable and encourage good practice cases and sustainable cooperation among different stakeholders, who will influence and develop various projects
  3. promote entrepreneurial skills and competitiveness of creative industries, creating positive climate attracting different investments and exchanging know how

Creativity concept of Zagreb Forum

In todays’ global competition and co-operation, being creative is a sociocultural need of every nation. Creativity should be largely directed towards the strengthening of the culture of deepening of the innovative capacities aiming to develop the quality of life, regardless of the level of involvement.

Creativity potentially represents the most valuable mean of communication and understanding in the European Union, of which Croatia will become a member on 1 July, 2013. This is also true in the context of the EU’s vision for the next decade to build a sustainable, inclusive and smart union of the peoples of Europe.

A city is an important locus where the creative process is happening. For this reason, co-operation represents an indispensable tool used by various groups of stakeholders in order to respond to challenges and opportunities, as well as to create new perspectives.

Creativity is a vital force that provides an answer to the challenges of the current time. In cities, these are centred around an increasing need for efficient use of resources such as energy, knowledge and technology. Besides the participation of the citizens and good performance of businesses, strategies for strengthening the innovativeness of the public sector are crucial in tackling these challenges.