Kicking off Smart City Platform

– ”All politics are local”
– What is a smart city?
– New era of mobile phones has created a different conception of the smart city
– The city as innovation platform
– Conception of a city as a system of operating systems
– Moving from the old way of investing to a new way of investing
– Buying hardware and software from the same vendor is leading to ”vendor lock-in”; problem of depending on the same vendor’s creativity, change, new developments
– Moving to ”open procurement system”- hardware from one vendor and software from another, which opens the world of creativity and innovation to single greatest asset of the smart city-citizens
– Open application interfaces bring limitless opportunities
– The single easiest way for a city to start to be smart is to start to think ”open”
– ”Open data” – data about a city; the greatest resource the city has
– Implementing the clause ”you own the data” with the goal to open the system; it becomes a virtual progress where a smart city starts to make connections that matter leading to the ”platform of platforms”
– ”Smart city” as a city that’s paying attention to what it’s citizens care about enabling scaling of creative talent
– ”Smart city” as a platform to facilitate the scaling of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
– Providing scalability for entrepreneurs using the cloud
– Downloading apps customized for each city
– ”Smart city” – a city that uses open data, sees the city as the source of creative ingredients, sees the citizen as a source of partnership and sees innovation as a driver of growth